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Where Are the Extra UNC Penalties? Ask the ACC

"HAHAHA I fucked those Clemson rednecks and they wont do shit about it!"
"HAHAHA I fucked those Clemson rednecks and they wont do shit about it!"

It is felt among the Clemson fanbase that the ACC penalized us too harshly by adding another year to our probation in 1982 when the findings of the NCAA infractions committee came down. We know that the league had a meeting of presidents and ADs called by Swofford with the blessing of then-Commish Bob James, but chiefly led by the groups from Duke and UNC, that did not include a representative from Clemson. The league intended to discuss further punishment, which is within its right, but Clemson was not notified of the meeting well in advance and had no opportunity of rebuttal.

The presentation given at the meeting and put up for vote was led by then UNC-AD John Swofford along with the AD from Duke University, who contended that the NCAA penalties, that had not been formally announced yet, were not stiff enough. The ACC ultimately voted to add another year of probation onto the 2 handed down by the NCAA in 1982 at the end of the season. Clemson defended the initial accusations, because we showed up without an invitation, but was asked to leave the room for the final presentation that Swofford made. Maryland and Wake Forest walked out of the meeting because he asked for an anonymous vote for the extra punishment, but Swofford and the Duke representative (who assisted in the meeting) got the extra year of probation they wanted via the 5-2 vote. He then requested that all details be hidden from Clemson and the general public, but the folks at MD and WF told everyone. Clemson's administration was furious, but was impotent.

I have monitored several ACC message boards and there are many in the other fanbases who recall this and have asked when the extra penalties will be handed to UNC for besmirching the conference image. People have called and written emails to the conference offices and they’ve responded to some of them. They didn’t call me.

Apparently, they think none of the above ever happened:


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This post was put on the TI board today, and apparently several folks have actually gotten a response like this, from a young lady that identifies herself as a Clemson graduate.

Every bit of it is a fucking lie.

If you want those extra penalties put on UNC, you're going to have to depend on Sleepy Don, who may not wake up before the next league meeting starts.

Just FYI, heres some info for you:

Atlantic Coast Conference 4512 Weybridge Lane Greensboro, NC 27407 Phone: (336) 854-8787

Bombs away.