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UGA Series Likely to be Cancelled?

From TDP, who got up from his nap and went to work again.

"We would like to be able to work it out. They would like to be able to work it out with us. They understand the situation that we’re in. It’s a game that we were pleased to get back on the schedule, and we’d really hate to lose them. But I don’t know. I simply don’t know. Maybe there’s an alternative.It’s only fair to them to move with some urgency, and we need to know what direction we’re going in as well."

Which translates as "we're trying to move the dates around, otherwise we're out of it entirely". Just as I expected when the ACC added two weak teams and required a 9-game schedule. This kind of shit is exactly why I do not favor conference expansion and realignment. If Sakerlina's game wasn't required by law they'd be just stupid enough, or one stupid-ass AD away from, cancelling that series entirely.

A 9 game would be 5/4 home/away or vice versa every year, and Clemson wants the 7th home game every year for the gate money and recruiting visits. The year we play them in Athens, we're set to have 6 I think.

I'm betting the UGA series is off the table again -- a travesty of stupidity. We should play Georgia every year.