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Post ACC Tourney Sunday Thoughts

It is tournament basketball time and for the first time in quite some time, our Clemson Tigers are not a part of this year’s Big Dance. We have a lot to improve upon moving forward if Clemson is to get back to the tournament next season. This was a tough year for our basketball program but I will say I did see improvement over the course of the year—though this should not be a surprising because of the very, very slow start this team endured prior to ACC play.

The biggest surprises that I saw this week were Florida State and Vanderbilt’s surprise conference titles. I thought there was no way that FSU could beat Duke and North Carolina in consecutive days. I did not think there was an SEC team out there that could defeat Kentucky, period. I guess this goes to show you that anything can happen in tournament basketball and shows that this really is an exciting time in college sports. We’ll see who scores the big upsets in the first couple rounds.

Overall, we’ll continue to watch the basketball and move forward throughout Clemson football spring practice. In case you, like the rest of us, are jonesing for some football, here is the latest video update from Clemson chronicling the progression towards Fall 2012.

Here is an overview of Clemson's Pro Day as well

Spring is always a great time—particularly following Daylight Savings Time. It is baseball time which means our Tigers are back into conference play and the Braves will be kicking their regular season off soon. We also get the opportunity to mix in nine holes after work in addition to watching the great golf on television. I run my mouth about the PGA and teeing it up at the local track and such talk can only intensify with the warmer weather and bigger professional tournaments forthcoming.

I was not previously aware of the hatred between the "U" fans and Florida State. After chatting with a Miami fan for about a half hour Friday evening, he immediately went to his car and returned and handed out a couple custom tee shirts blasting Florida State. I cannot reprint what the shirts said or show pictures of these items because they would violate all kinds of site rules but trust me when I say these were pretty rough. Maybe Miami fan just flat out gets after it or maybe the rivalry there is rougher than I previously thought.