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NCAA Bracket Revealed

The tournament field has been set, now it's time to make those brackets. Look no further than Yahoo sports when deciding what site to use when you make your digital picks. The best bracket wins 10,000 dollars in straight cash. You could dream about winning the 5 million dollar prize that is rewarded to a perfect bracket, but don't get your hopes up for that one.

Speaking of postseason tournaments, the NIT is announced at 9 on ESPNU. According to the latest projections, it doesn't look like the Tigers are a viable option for the field. The CBI and CIT fields usually pick only smaller programs, so it's unlikely the Tigers will get selected to either of those fields, and it has also been said that this team will not accept a bid to the CTI or CBI if they get an invitation. Most of us knew that the season was probably over following the loss to Virginia Tech on Sunday, and tonight's tournament selections will just confirm that.

After the late season surge this team had, it was a damn shame to see this team's season end the way it did. I loved watching Andre, Tanner, Bryan, and Bobo play this season, and I was hoping to see them play one more time in some kind of postseason tournament, but now it looks like that won't be happening.

So the Tigers' season is likely over, but that shouldn't keep you from filling out your brackets at Yahoo.

Feel free to use the comments section to discuss your thoughts on the tournament field. I for one don't understand why the committee puts such a strong emphasis on strength of schedule. Obviously, SOS should be a very important criteria, and teams that play tougher schedules should be rewarded while teams that play easy schedules should be punished, but I think the committee takes it way to far, especially when they look at non-conference SOS.

Drexel deserved to be in over Iona, but Iona made it in over a Drexel team that at one point sported a 19 game winning streak just because of their superior SOS numbers. SOS numbers were also probably the reason Murray State received a 6 seed, even though the Racers are in the top ten in the human polls. And a 30-4 Mizzouri team that actually won its conference tournament (something 3 of the 4 1 seeds failed to do) was the 8th overall seed because of its weak out of conference SOS. Non-conference SOS is important, but I think the committee overemphasizes it.