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Peach Bowl Gamethread: LSU vs. Clemson

A lot of people have asked me what I think of this game, knowing that I still follow the Bayou Bengals. The truth is that I think that while Clemson can win, I believe its necessary for us to play at our very very best. LSU is known for playing down to the level of their opponents, but they still manage to win those games with a big play at the end. Clemson's history of late has gone the other way, we do not win big road games like this one.

If the players on this squad want to reverse that trend, they'll have to come ready to hit somebody and play big boy football. I don't think they will, and that we'll get Batson'd by the 4th quarter.

Clemson's defense should be ready to hit like they never have. We know what is coming on the ground, its just up to our front 7 to stop it and make them pass. If LSU spends most of this game in shotgun, I think LSU is going to lose.

That is the key to winning this game for our Tigers: stop the run, run the football on the LSU D, no turnovers, and make Mettenberger throw to win. Sammy Watkins should get 15 touches minimum in the game, and Andre Ellington better get 20+ carries unless he's only averaging 2 or 3 per clip.

I want to see us let everything out, and don't save anyone for anything, its the last game. It will determine the emotional response we have for this entire offseason, whether one likes it or not.