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Clemson To Face LSU in Chick-Fil-A Bowl

With the dust finally settling, Clemson gets a match up against LSU that puts two Top 15 teams in one of the more exciting games of the bowl season.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

With bowl announcements coming out, it seems like Clemson's worst fears were confirmed. On New Years Eve our Clemson Tigers will travel down I-85 to take on the LSU Tigers. While this will be billed as an exciting game and at first glance looks like a great opportunity, Clemson fans should be worried about this one.

Out of the gate Clemson is going to be the underdog. I don't know much about Vegas and betting, but I'm going to guess that LSU will end up being close to a 14 point favorite. LSU plays big boy football, and should physically dominate us around the Georgia Dome.

The media is going to quickly focus on LSU's defense against the Clemson offense, but the real battle is going to be LSU's offense against Clemson's defense. LSU's offense has had some real difficulty moving the ball this year, but always seemed to pull out close wins. As we all know, Clemson's defense is a dumpster fire on a good day, and this probably won't be a good day for them.

If Les Miles is smart all you are going to see on New Year's Eve is ISO ISO ISO. We are going to cover it extensively here so you know what it looks like every time it happens. Oh and then every once in awhile you will see a shot down field and our safeties will be so far up that even Kyle Parker could complete these throws.

We are also going to see some big boy football played by LSU. Expect them to dominate us on both the OL and DL, but especially the DL. If you thought FSU and USC had good DL, wait until you see LSU's go to work against us. Freeman isn't going to look like an All-American.

The one positive about this is it may force some changes in the area we care most about at STS: Strength and Conditioning. If we get physically dominated Dabo may have no choice but to replace Batson with someone who can train football players in today's world.

I hate to sound so pessimistic, and in bowl games anything can truly happen, but Clemson is not a good enough football team to hang with LSU. Maybe Dabo pulls something out of thin air in the next month, but I wouldn't count on it. That said, make sure you root on the Tigers with the. rest of us on New Year's Eve