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Gamethread: Clemson vs. Coastal Carolina


Last year was the first time the Tigers have lost to Costal. To make matters worst, it was at home and a buzzer beater. We can only hope that Coach Brownell reminds the players of the frustration that came after, because our guys need to be ready and out to prove that this team is completely different from last year.

After a solid performance against Florida A&M, we will hopefully see Roper in the starting line-up again with the rest of the usual suspects. But I wouldn't put it past Brownell to change things up in the next three games just to figure out what works before conference play begins.

We're looking for consistency. We need the starters on this team to start showing more and more dependability, and we need the younger guys to fill in the gaps if and when guys aren't playing up to snuff. If this game goes as expected, the bench should get quality minutes and help give our young squad some more experience.

The game airs on ESPN3 at 7PM. Feel free to discuss the game here in the comments section below.