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Bowl Season Sunday Thoughts

We are officially in Bowl season following a couple of games yesterday. The Arizona game was pretty wild and hopefully a preview of a good stretch of football games to come. We'll be watching the games and discussing all the goodies associated with post season football.

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Following an entertaining football game last night between 'Zona and Nevada, we are all looking forward to more college football. Bowl games get back into the swing this Thursday between San Diego State and BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl. As you all know, a mediocre bowl game is still better than no college football at all.

Here at Clemson, we look to be reeling a bit. Recruiting is not going as well as most would like and Clemson is struggling to keep players who were formerly committed. Additionally, Martavis Bryant was suspended for the Peach Bowl due to academic issues. With all the opportunities Clemson gives its athletes through things like Vickery, this is simply unacceptable and plain and simple silly.

Clemson did get the good news that The Chad will not be leaving at this point. I believe, though, barring something much worse than what we've seen the past two seasons, 2013 will likely be Morris' last at Clemson. He is just too good not to rise to the top position at a good school. How Clemson moves forward there will likely determine how long Coach Dabo is the head coach at Clemson. With an already piss poor defense, a return to 2010 offensive results simply will not cut it and should not be tolerated.

Given all of the above, i am getting more and more concerned about the future of this program. The Sweatshirt made his way up the ladder as an excellent recruiter. Soon he will again have the task of replacing a coordinator. We are a soft football team that has trouble with tougher teams. We have an S&C program that does nothing to address most of these issues and, under Swinney, this likely won't change unless something really, really bad happens to spur such a change. If this program is to get to the next level, we have to prove that we can go out and beat a quality non-ACC school.

These conference moves are getting to be more and more confusing. This rapid changing looks to be the new normal and shows no signs of changing soon. The latest is the disintegration of the Big East. After adding poor, poor basketball schools, their basketball schools now want to part of the East Carolina/Tulane crap and I cannot say that I blame them. From the outside looking in, one would suspect that schools like Louisville and Rutgers will do everything in their power to expedite getting into each of their new respective conferences.

The Falcons have a big one today against the Giants. Atlanta needs a win here to prove that they are now a serious threat to make a run at it all and are different than teams of the past that fell apart around playoff time. The Patriots/49ers tonight should be interesting. I am additionally interested in seeing if the Cowboys can make a reasonable run or if the Steelers can get their game back on track and moving towards the playoffs.

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