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2012 Conference Championship Pocket Guide

Unfortunately due to an early season loss to the Seminoles, our Tigers are stuck at home watching others play for conference crowns. However, this is an annual great day of action, so buckle up and use this thread to comment as needed on today's games, games that happened Thursday/Friday, pro games, or expectations going into bowl season. Basically, it is a free for all so long as you stay within the site's general guidelines.

Kevin C. Cox

With Louisville essentially in the Orange Bowl to play Florida State, we'll have a preview of ACC play following the Cardinals entrance in a couple years. Obviously I assume FSU will take care of a bad Georgia Tech team that made it to the championship game via Miami's decision to ban itself from post-season play. It is too bad there will be half empty stadium for this football game. I guess that is better than Stanford HOSTING the Pac12 Championship in front of an empty stadium...though beginning this game at 5:30 Pacific Time on a Friday wasn't the best decision the conference could have made for attendance.

Per usual, the SEC will hold court today with Bama facing off against Georgia. The winner of this contest gets a shot at Notre Dame for bragging rights and a crystal football. This game is at 4 PM on CBS, for those of you who weren't aware. Obviously, the ACCCG will be at night as will the B1G game and the K-State/Texas matchup. Earlier in the day, don't forget to catch up with UConn/Cinci or the other slew of Big 12 games.

All in all, this will be another week of what should be fun games to watch. Fortunately, you can keep your blood pressure down and watch others play this weekend as our Tigers won't be in action until (likely) the Peach Bowl.