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SBN BlogPoll Ballot Week 10

Matthew Stockman

Not much change this week, I upped Oregon over ND because they slept through 3 quarters of football, but their resume is far too strong to me to drop them further, and they eventually did win the game thanks to their front....and Pitt's screwing up. You can afford one bad game. Two would make me seriously rethink their positioning.

No reason to make any adjustments until running into the TT-Texas score, when the Longhorns trounced them in Lubbock. That loss to an unranked team moves everyone else up. Similarly for TCU, who I had unranked, and beat WVU in OT at home.

Miss State I already had below A&M, but aTm thumped them at home. I'll bet that MSU team loses another now that their bubble has been popped by Saban.