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Odds and Ends Heading into Bowl Season

Streeter Lecka

We'll be making our own transition here out of the regular weekly routine into our offseason + basketball + recruiting regimen, and we're all coming off the relative high of football season into the long dark night ahead. I thought a recap of the news this week would be good to go over. The game film review for SC is likely to be posted sometime this week, whenever I can find the time to work on it.

- Georgia Tech was approved for a B1G invite....many months ago. So were UVa and UNC. I do think they are talking because the Big Ten wants the Atlanta TV market for the BTN, but I don't think its anywhere close to being a done deal.

FYI, the BTN gets a small fee for everyone who has the channel, as all cable channels do. If you have it, some of your money is going to them. Its in my sports package. If the B1G has a team in your state, then they get over $1 per subscriber, and a ton of people in Atlanta are Big Ten grads.

I doubt this happens, but you never know with that much cash on the table.

- You all know Milton Jennings was suspended for the Purdue game, and its now confirmed he's out for SC as well. He is slated to return for the Arizona game to follow. MJ's AAU coach reportedly came up to Clemson and met with Brownell, and pleaded with Brad to give MJ one more chance.

- The loss of MJ at the 4 spot pushes Nnoko and Smith into more prominent roles that they are not suited towards. These guys are 5s, not outside 4s. Bernard Sullivan will have to step it up.

- Brownell's presser today lamented the lack of interest in the Clemson-SC basketball game. Not atypical for this one to be half-full in the stands at either place, but BB is right, Clemson fans need to show up because I'm sure they are not going to sell out down there in Cola. There should be more interest in this game than there is, because STS does hold Brownell accountable for this game. If Clemson fans want to do that, then they should show more interest in it.

Personally I'd move it to late January or early February. It wouldn't be in the football hangover, and would be early enough so as to never run into the baseball matchup.

- I expect us to end up at the Peach Bowl, but Clemson is reportedly in the mix for Sugar despite the loss to SC because we'd sell the tickets and VT didn't make them any money last year in New Orleans. SPAM the Sugar Bowl with this contact information. Dan Radakovich started his job as new AD this week and has engaged the Sugar Bowl Reps. TDP remains as an assistant/advisor with an office in Sikes, with the other morons.

- Chad Morris did interview with NC State, but we'd already known that he would not be going for the offer if it was made, hence no story here. He should be in line for a bigger job somewhere, and I expect to hear of him interviewing again this offseason for some opening. Sonny Dykes from La Tech is a pretty good choice for them instead. I still believe that The Chad will be here through 2013, after which he likely is gone, and will take either Jeff Scott or Tony Elliott with him, then go hire Herb Hand as his OL coach.

If Gary Patterson left TCU, or Art Briles left Baylor, those would be jobs I could see him taking a longer look at this year.

I can still dream of someone offering to take Dabo off our hands and promoting Chad to HC...

- I'm pretty happy with the addition of Louisville, relatively speaking. Several ACC schools voted for UConn instead. I think its a concession that the ACC screwed themselves by not taking West Virginia the last time around. I'd rather we could've kept Maryland and thrown BC to the Big Ten, and I'd rather we all be aligned North-South, but it is a positive. It could go down the toilet if Charlie Strong leaves quickly however.

Does make Brownell's job a hell of a lot harder though.

If the ACC is going to survive however, this whole ACC digital network bullshit has to go. There needs to be a lucrative TV channel on the table with ESPN or NBC (see ND) as a partner immediately. There is no way the ACC remains stable long-term without more cashflow coming in. Everyone will look to poach a member here or there, and ACC members will look elsewhere just the same.

- Dalton Freeman was named 1st Team All-American, and I cannot see why when he has yet to block a 0-tech NG in his 4 years. Tajh Boyd as 1st team AA? well....I'd have him on the 2nd team or honorable mention more likely. You have to beat the best teams to get that vote from me as a QB. ACC POY honors seems fitting to me, though you could make a good case for Nuk there as well.

Boyd, Nuk, Ford, and AE made 1st team All-ACC with Freeman and Brandon Thomas.

Catman made 2nd team, and Rashard Hall made 2nd team All-ACC and just....DAMN. I'd have picked FSU's 3rd string backups before Hall, or maybe an old man who complains about people standing up in front of him in DV. Just saddens me to think of where he should've been after being named a Freshman All-American 4 years ago.