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Monday, Monday

I have a lot of vacation time to burn, and getting our ass whipped last Saturday certainly is a good excuse to burn a day. You'll get some of these worthless posts till year's end, but enjoy it cause this is how FF does his thing. Other than the crap you'll see below, I spend my day watching the stock market. I've sold off most of my positions and am waiting for some concern over a failed cliff deal. At that point I am gonna bet the house. You as well as I know there will not be a fiscal cliff and these Congressmen will simply kick the can down the road. Either love them or hate them, let me know. This pretty much serves as "what I've watched on twitter after getting pissed at the participation numbers" thread.

Instead of getting pissed today and over analyzing the game, I am getting ready for another Bama national championship. I have adjusted my financial holdings (out of the market until people go apeshit here in the next couple weeks over the fiscal cliff), so I watch all the financial channels. Outside of that, I need a break from shitty football, hence the stream you see below.

First thing you do is look for some Zepplin on the Tube:

Then you watch this jewel from the Macho Man:

Then it is Ultimate Warrior Time:

Then it is Scott Steiner going apeshit (debate performance enhancers all you want):

And this Rock 'n Roll Express vs. Midnight Express:

Finally, you knew I couldn't stay away from the football. Click the play button below and enjoyCoach Danny Ford whipping that WVU ass.