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Know Thy Enemy: End of Season Edition

A final look at how every team on Clemson's schedule failed or rather fared

Streeter Lecka

Around the 3rd quarter I realized I ran out of alcohol for this game. Needless to say the 4th quarter wasn't super fun for me. To top things off it looks like we could end up playing LSU in the Peach Bowl. I grew up in Louisiana and I'm spending Christmas there, the football Gods clearly hate me. Anyway another typical week in the shitty ACC. In honor of this, the review of each team is left to a brief one or two sentences to sum up the poor play. No need to expend effort on repeating the obvious.

As a reminder all rankings are from the AP Poll, and click on the team name for a game report article.

Georgia #3 (11-1) vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (6-6) (5-3):

The Bulldogs came out and cruised to a 42-10 victory. Everything you thought you knew about Georgia and Tech is true. The Bulldogs now get the honor of getting their ass handed to them in Atlanta by 'Bama.

Auburn Tigers (3-9):

The Gene Chizik era is all but over now after an absolute pasting by 'Bama 49-0. Auburn didn't have any desire to be playing this game, and it was all about knocking 60 minutes off the clock from the start. For Auburn the question is if the boosters want to build an actual football program, or if they try to find a coach who will let them look the other way and do what they want.

Ball State Cardinals (9-3):

The Cardinals got their 9th win against Miami University to claim the 3rd best record amongst teams we have faced this year. Ball State has had a great year by their standards, and will get sent to some bowl no one cares about.

Furman Paladins (3-8):

Already looking ahead to next season

Florida State Seminoles #13 (10-2) (7-1):

Perhaps the best hope for the ACC to get a victory over the SEC, the Seminoles completely shit the bed like Clemson. It got interesting in the 3rd quarter, but then Jimbo and EJ remembered we are who we thought they were and returned to form. It is going to be interesting to see who leaves for the NFL after this season.

Boston College (2-10) (1-7) vs. NC State Wolfpack (7-5) (4-4):

BC ended a disappointing season with a 27-10 loss to NC State. The book is now closed on the Spaz era in BC, and it will be interesting to see what direction the new AD takes up there in the frigid north. As for NC State, this was not the season they hoped for and the calls for TOB head may increase in the offseason.

Virginia Tech Hokies (6-6) (4-4):

It took A Dabo-esque performance from Mike London, but VT beat Virginia 17-14 to qualify for a bowl game. The Hokies looked awful and if they lose the bowl game it will be their first losing season since 1992.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (5-7) (3-5):

Wake lost to a talented Vanderbilt team 55-21. You know things are bad when your school gets demolished by Vanderbilt of all places. While Grobe isn't going anywhere, the rest of the coaching staff could do with some changes if they want to make a real run at a bowl game next year.

Duke Blue Devils (6-6) (3-5):

Duke stumbled to the end of the season with a 52-45 loss to Miami. Even though the Blue Devils are bowl eligible, it has to be a bit of a sour note for the team as things started out so promising before a brutal ACC schedule, start laughing now please, wore them down. With Cutcliffe claiming he will stay at Duke, it is going to be interesting to see how they do next year.

Maryland Terrapins (4-8) (2-6):

Maryland lost a shootout 45-38 to UNC in a game that was slightly entertaining to watch if you like inept defense and a lot of offense. Both teams are done for the season, UNC is ineligible for a bowl and Maryland sure as hell ain't eligible.