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Good Ole Fashioned Hate Week

Welcome to Hate Week boys and girls, enjoy your stay.

Anyone else tired of fucking ‘Cock fans running their mouths? For 3 years I’ve had to endure crap about how well USC has done, and how Clemson can’t do anything to beat them. I wasn’t aware that South Carolina turned into ‘Bama and we suddenly turned into the absolutely defeated Auburn Tigers. So much to hate and so little time.

The worst part of this rivalry is that the only other team that hates the Cocks as much as us is Georgia. I hate Georgia and having to agree with those knuckleheads just upsets me. In a perfect world I can hate Georgia and USC for their moronic opinions, but once a year I actually have to agree with those fuckers. So thanks USC, thank you for making me be “buddies” with UGA fans on a cold Thanksgiving weekend.

Also their damn school is in Columbia SC. Nothing good comes out of that city, and I have a rule that if I’m spending more than 30 minutes there I better be blackout drunk so I don’t remember it. First time I went to the city was on one of those college tours with my mom. We drove around campus before I looked at her and said, “Let’s hit the road I don’t want to apply here anymore.” Didn’t even bother staying for the tour before deciding this Hell hole wasn’t worth it.

All of the Clemson folks I know from the city can’t stand it either. Anytime I asked them about the city they curled up in the fetal position and just started crying. The place just sounds cold and depressing, but they do sell enough drugs there to keep folks out of depression.

And why is their stadium a good mile or two from campus? Part of college football is the idea of playing games on campus. Of course when the stadium nickname is “The Cockpit”, you don’t want it to be too close to campus for mothers of prospective students to see. They still haven’t removed that 3 credit class, “How to Change a Light bulb” from their school brochures so I’m guessing a little thing like “The Cockpit” isn’t going to hurt to much.

I would talk about on field success, but it takes me longer to describe the ACC’s success compared to Sakerlina. I’ll just point out that USC has one of the lowest if not the lowest winning percentage for a team with a stadium that holds at least 80,000 fans,if you can call them that at USuC. Up until 2 years ago they were the only NCAA team to have a sub .500 record and average over 80,000 fans per game.

I guess it isn’t a joke that USC fans are either gluttons for punishment or too stupid to understand what winning football looks like. 1 Conference title, 5 bowl victories, and 7 finishes in the AP Top 25 will do that though. Maybe if they looked at Clemson’s program they would understand what it means to be a winner through most of history.

Ok, USC is doing better than us right now, but what happens when Spurrier leaves? I don’t see them continuing their “success”. Unless of course you consider success to be finishing above .500, even Duke can manage to do that occasionally though.

What also kills me is their lack of imagination. I was at the game last year and the best any of those Damn Coots could do was running up and screaming about how they were going to win. If you are going to insult fans you need to get creative, otherwise I’m just going to get bored and move on. It isn’t worth my time to give you shit if you aren’t going to put in the effort to give some back. Granted that may be because of the intelligence level at USC, but maybe someone else could look into that for me if they are really bored.

Yeah, they have beat us 3 times in a row, whoop –de – fucking – do. When they win another 4 in a row to match our streak of 7 straight victories they can call me. Until then sit down, shut up, and keep crying over your crappy school and crappy athletics.

Finally a word to Clemson fans, man the fuck up about this game. Is USC a physically stronger team? Yes. Do they have a great DL? Yes. But they are beatable, and we should damn well beat them. If they played games on paper ‘Bama and Notre Dame would win every game and play in the MNC. But we play games on grass and it is time to stomp on the ‘Cocks and stop this crap talk coming out of that hell hole. So sack up and get your voices out. It is time to crush USC’s hopes and dreams this weekend. No pansies allowed.

Just remember to be nice to any USC fans you see this week, it is never a good idea to upset the people who handle your food after all.