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SBN BlogPoll Ballot Week 12


Everyone moves up with the losses by Oregon and Kansas State. I caught parts of both games, and was just astonished at how badly K State played, and how great Baylor's defense played. They just jumped on them early and KSU couldn't handle the pressure of being #1. Baylor's defense was 120 out of 120, which makes it all the more shocking to me. I knew their offense would score on State, but that was just an asswhipping. Baylor would be in the Top 15 or so at this point in the year if they had any semblance of a defense.

Since K State lost so badly to an unranked team, I have to penalize them.

Stanford beat Oregon the way they usually beat anyone good: they completely dominated the line of scrimmage. Big games are won up front, and Stanford won another one there. I thought their lack of overall defensive speed would lose them the game, even being as disciplined as they are. I moved them into the Top 10 as a result.

Most of the other teams in the Top 10 move up as a result of the two losses.

UCLA gets basically zero press here in the East, but they're an improving football team under Mora, even if he's a royal prick. Sometimes hiring an asshole is what you need to fix a program. I had USC here and swapped UCLA with them, then knocked USC out. That defense is a horrible disappointment.

OK State crushed TTech and with them out the others move up.