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Know Thy Enemy: Elimination Weekend

Another look at how the teams on Clemson's schedule fared as we inch ever closer to the end of the season.

Remember 2 weeks ago when everyone was freaking out about the BCS being unable to cope with 4 undefeated teams? Relax folks, the chances of having more than 2 undefeated teams when we get through the first week in December are pretty small. Heck all 3 of the remaining teams may still lose. It is a shame though that the SEC streak of national titles may end because of the regular season an not because someone finally beat an SEC team in the title game. But Alabama finally ran into a team that they couldn't make mistakes against, and they just screwed it up. Below is how all the teams on Clemson's schedule fared. I'd like to say I'm sorry about the brevity of some reports, but its hard to write about bad football games so you can just go read the post game reports from other SB Nation sites.

As a reminder all rankings are from the AP Poll, and click on the team name for a game report article.

Georgia #5 (9-1) vs. Auburn Tigers (2-8):

The Bulldogs but a nice little beatdown on Auburn to continue their journey to Atlanta in a 38-0 victory. Not much to say here besides the fact that Georgia dominated this game and Auburn still sucks. It is going to be interesting to see who Auburn brings in as their next coach. At this point I don't see how they keep him as the head coach. They'll get one more win against a scrub team, but are all but certain to go defeated in SEC play after the Iron Bowl in 2 weeks.

Ball State Cardinals (7-3):

Ball State pulled off an upset of #23 Toledo in a 34-27 victory where they had a tenuous grasp on the game for all 60 minutes. The Cardinals scored with about 1:30 remaining to take their final lead of the game. Sadly enough Ball State may have the 3rd best resume of any team on our schedule behind FSU and USC.

Furman Paladins (4-7):

Furman lost a nail biter to App State as they moved towards another disappointing season. The Paladins had a chance to win this one for 3 quarters, but they were shut out in the 4th quarter for yet another game.

Florida State Seminoles #10 (9-1) (6-1) vs. Virginia Tech Hokies (4-6) (2-4):

FSU almost pulled a Clemson on national TV this past Thursday, but they managed to march down the field and get a final score to win 28-22. VT actually outperformed FSU on offense, but their defense managed to let them down when it counted most. The Seminoles also had no rushing attack all day with -15 yards, but the Hokies couldn't captialize. All this game did was piss me off that we didn't play FSU later in the year. I think we would have had a much better shot at beating them 7 games into the season or so. One more loss by the Hokies would eliminate them from bowl eligibility.

Boston College (2-8) (1-5):

BC continued to play out their depressing season as they lost 21-6 against Notre Dame. I held out hope the Eagles would pull out an upset, but the odds of that were less than pretty much anything else this season.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (5-5) (4-3):

Georgia Tech showed just how potent the triple option can be even in a down year as they raced to a 68-50 victory over UNC. Honestly the biggest surprise was that UNC managed to put up 50 points even though they were going up against a Yellow Jackets defense that sucks more than ours. GT can still become bowl eligible with a victory in the next two games. And my guess is if it doesn't come next week it won't come against Georgia.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (5-5) (3-5) vs. NC State Wolfpack (6-4) (3-3):

NC State woke up from their 2 week nap to demolish Wake 37-6. NC State is now bowl eligible. This one ended in the third quarter when the Wolfpack added another 17 points to their first half total. Honestly I'm sick of these ACC games, basically one team sucks the other team decides to play. Rinse and repeat for most games each week.

Duke Blue Devils (6-4) (3-3):

Duke had a bye week to prepare for the triple option of Georgia Tech.

South Carolina Gamecocks #12 (8-2):

I held out hope for the first half that Arkansas would pull something out of nowhere to get the victory, but the same problems that plague the Razorbacks showed up against Sakerlina. USC managed to win 38-20 despite barely outgaining Arkansas on offense. The defense managed to cause 3 turnovers and Shaw limited his interceptions to 1 in this game. The Coots get a tune-up against Wofford next week before the big game.