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SBN BlogPoll Ballot week 11

Ronald Martinez

With Alabama's loss, the top 3 move up in order. A&M could be above them, but given that they lost to LSU and Florida at home, I just can't put them up there. LSU defeated Miss State, as they should have, and the Bulldogs don't get knocked out of the poll for that. I could see MSU losing to Ole Piss though, and that might knock them out entirely. That team is reeling.

Florida nearly lost to ULL, which is an improving team, but that is unforgivable. Florida should've shut them out with their defense and not had any troubles scoring points.

Stanford was higher ranked than Oregon State, and beat them by 4. Stanford gets a little bump up for playing a good team and OSU doesn't get penalized for losing to a higher-ranked squad; I expected Stanford to win. Oregon State will be declining soon though.

Louisville lost at Syracuse big, and I penalized them hard for that.