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Gamethread: Maryland at Clemson

Clemson should beat the shit out of Maryland, lets talk about the game.

Over much of the last decade, we've had considerable trouble with Maryland. Last year our worsening defense was made to look like a HS Junior Varsity by CJ Brown's running, and that was not a good MD squad. The writing was on the wall for the debacle to follow for our defense.

This MD team has been decimated by injuries, the likes of which I have never seen in major college football. One would think that there are some S&C issues in the program when you have a pile of problems like they have. I would like to have seen them start their better players today so we could make a strong statement at home.

Nevertheless, Clemson should come out and curbstomp the turtles from the opening snap like we did before Fridge got there. I want to see our defense continue to improve up front, and completely shut down the passing game. Maryland is on QB #150058 and lost their best WR, so 200+ yards passing should NOT happen today.

We'll be looking then for the backups to get significant PT in the 2nd half on both sides of the ball and get some necessary experience for later on this season when they'll need it.