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SBN BlogPoll Ballot Week 6

Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Bama stays on top, and Oregon moves up to #2 after FSU pulls another FSU. For their loss to an unranked squad I hit them hard, dropping them ten spots.

Florida has quietly grown into a good team, beating Tennessee and A&M on the road despite looking like garbage on offense. The way their OL played against LSU was shocking. I basically flipped UF and LSU as a result.

West Virginia may be the best offense in the country, and they handled Texas at home despite turning the ball over. Their defense will keep them out of my top 2 spots unless either Oregon or Bama lose. Texas doesn't drop because WV was already ranked ahead of them.

Notre Dame crushed Miami, and while I didn't expect Miami to win that game it was pretty bad for the Canes. Bad enough to make me throw them out altogether. They have no defense at all but I expected them to score more than 3.

SC got their first quality win at home by crushing UGA up front. They can now move into my top 10. If they can beat LSU at home they'll move way up, but I don't see them winning at LSU at night.

UNC has been a little surprising on offense, so I moved them in and Rutgers and Cinci deserve to be in at this point.