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2012 Post-Georgia Tech Sunday Thoughts

Clemson won, and that is really what we'll take away from yesterday. We won't be happy with the defensive performance from yesterday, but that appears to be the theme of the season. Georgia Tech is annually a thorn in Clemson's side and I am just happy that CU was able to get out of this game with the "W."

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Again, Nuk is the star for this Clemson offense. His efforts in the offseason are really showing as Hopkins is the go to guy at this point. Tajh played ok enough, though he has played better and can play better. I believe even he would agree with that last statement. It seems tough to criticize an offense that racks up over 600 yards, but they could be much better. I was disappointed with the lack of interior running. I should probably just copy and paste that last sentence into all posts moving forward.

Defensively, well, we won't be too good at any point this year. Go ahead and accept that. As we have repeatedly said, we just hope that this unit is better for the '13 campaign. There is nothing else good to say about this area. Again, I will take any win we can get over Georgia Tech given Clemson's lack of success over them and the tough losses taken against the Yellow Jackets.

Around the country, yesterday was a big football Saturday. The biggest games in the Southeast saw LSU lose to Florida and South Carolina drill Georgia. I expected more out of LSU and, frankly, have been unpleasantly surprised by LSU's struggles to date. I wasn't all that shocked that Carolina won, but really didn't think they would blow Georgia out. They are clearly a good football team and have a chance to win out.

Florida State lost. Yeah, WTF? NC State is not that good but now at least we won't have to hear all this "Florida State is back" crap. They crapped their pants at NCST and now there is no chance they can win it all as most of their fans wanted to make us believe. In order for this to really effect Clemson, FSU still needs to lose another ACC contest and Clemson cannot suffer another loss. While I don't believe FSU will lose again, I think it is a real possibility that Clemson could run the table as well. Our Tigers should be the favorite in every game moving forward.

As for the ACC Coastal, that is nothing but a crap division. How great would it be if Duke somehow won that thing? Miami can score but missed a lot of opportunities yesterday against Notre Dame. Virginia Tech is not the defensive juggernaut we've come to expect out of them and gave up a boatload of yards on the ground against UNC. Outside of Clemson and Florida State, the rest of the ACC is simply pitiful.

Clemson has an off-week this weekend before hosting Virginia Tech. Hopefully, the Tigers will use this week to work on defensive fundamentals and to assure that Sammy Watkins is 100% going into the second half of the football season. This offense will be flat out ridiculous if/when Morris can get Hopkins, Watkins, and Ellington all going at the same time. Those guys are all impact players who can really do some damage to an opposing defense.

Competitive golf is essentially done until next year. This following one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of the sport last week by the American team in the Ryder Cup. How Steve Stricker was a captain's pick is tough to rationalize. Even more difficult to understand is why Davis Love III put Stricker and Furyk is such pressure spots on Sunday. Did anyone not expect Furyk to crumble under pressure? And what is up with him examining his putts for about 10 minutes--including laying on the ground at one point? To say I wasn't highly upset after that crap would be a lie. It sucks and is pretty much embarrassing for the US.

The NASCAR boys are at Talledega. This is always an exciting race to watch, and I expect nothing less today. With the Chase in full swing, there is a lot on the line for many drivers, particularly those who need to make up points.

The Falcons are in Washington to face RGIII. Atlanta is going for its fifth straight win to start the season after a miracle ending last week over the Panthers. I have no clue what the Panthers are up to this week, don't care about them, and will pull against Cam Newton every time he takes the field.