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Gamethread: Bumblebees vs. Tigers

Official gamethread for GT/Clemson

On paper Clemson should have no problem today with Tech, but we know that paper goes out the window in this series over the last decade. GT's rushing offense will be tough for us to stop as porous as we've been up front this year. Everyone will have to play more disciplined than they have thus far.

Stopping the opponent comes down to just a couple things:

1. Stop the Dive. If they can get 4ypc on the dive, then it is impossible to stop the option.

2. Hit the QB.

3. Hit the QB

4. Hit the QB

Rock the sonuvabitch on every damn play, I don't care if he pitches it or not, if he touches the ball on a play you put him on his ass. I don't give a shit if we get a penalty for late hit. I don't give a shit if we get a roughing call. Make him wish he had stayed in Atlanta. If you hit him enough he'll hesitate.

We do that, we win by 2 TDs. If we don't, this will be a long day. PJ will play keep away and churn clock.