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SBN BlogPoll Ballot, week 9

Jamie Squire

Bit stuck here with Florida, UGA, and SC. I knew going into the Cocktail party that UF has no offense. Florida beats UGA probably 3 out of 5 times if they play each other, but nobody should win with 6 turnovers and being pushed around up front. And they threw the ball 28 times? Why? Just run the damn ball thats what youre good at. You were never down enough until the very end to have to throw the football.

UGA looks like crap one week and great the next (almost Bowden-like), but I don't believe in UGA. I'm not pushing them further because I think they'll dick around and look so bad next week that I'll want to drop them. I don't even know if they deserve Top 10 if I think UF would beat them if they played again, but they won the game on a neutral field.

SC I'm dropping because we all know that they arent Top 10 without Lattimore. I think their secondary was finally exposed for everyone to see by Tyler Bray, but it was not surprising to us to see. Thats not the reason I'm dropping them though. If you can handle the DL, you can score on them. They are strong enough to be ranked higher than the pollsters would put them, but I could see them dropping a game now without Marcus.

ND beat OU as I expected them to, because of their front line play. ND is back folks, and what helps them win games up front when they really can't run the offense that Brian Kelly likes? Strength & Conditioning. They got rid of a Batson disciple under Weis and brought in an Olympic lift guy, and now they kick ass up front. They kicked Oklahoma's OL around the field and they can run the football on offense. OU does not drop because they lost to a higher ranked team, and the game didn't get completely away from them until late in the 4th.

Bill Snyder just wins football games. On resume I put them at 2 over the rest. Collin Klein is a football player. TT is about what I thought they were, I knew their defense was not as good as billed because they don't have the athletes. They do deserve to be in the teens somewhere and they should've lost to KState so I didn't penalize them harshly.

Miss State should've lost to Bama, duh. Why would you drop them much for that loss? They only dropped here because Oregon State choked at Washington.