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SBN BlogPoll Ballot Week 8

Ronald Martinez

I redid some of the rankings this week. Florida's resume is getting to be too good to ignore despite the fact that they have absolutely no offense whatsoever. Kansas State shut down WVa's offense, and together the two of them have a better resume than Oregon. WVa would normally not drop so far for losing to a higher team but this was two asskickings in a row.

Ohio State always has a tough time with Purdue, but may really hit the skids if Braxton Miller is gone. SC played like ass in the Swamp but Florida was ahead of them, and 10th is still where I think they should be.

Oregon State just keeps winning, and I don't see how, but their schedule is about to show us what they're made of. UGA had issues this weekend and I could see Clemson beating them, so I dropped them below us.

The last two or three spots is a crap shoot as always.