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2012 Post VPI Sunday Thoughts

When we first looked at the schedule (way back in the Spring), this game looked like a tough one. It ended up being a joke. Then, after getting site feedback, there is this: Oh you didn’t know…your ass better call somebody. The week forthcoming is atypical and we really don’t have too much of a precedence of working on a short week. Long and short, we are working our asses off to assure you that you know enough about the Salem Demon Deacons to follow Thursday’s game. Now, onto the fun stuff. If you didn’t realize it, you have a rocket scientist and an engineer in charge of this place, hence the lack of patience for bullshit. That is why our site is as bipolar and nit-picky as it is (we both love Clemson but want to put realism into play). If you like it, you’re awesome. Otherwise, we don’t really care cause we ain’t changing.

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Anyway, a bunch of you guys ask when we will put on a tailgate or have a big event and we don't do it because it would turn out as follows (NOTE: the role of Vinny Mac will be played by Coach Don Munson, obviously I'll play the role of the Heart Break Kid, and Dr. B will reluctantly play the role of HHH-I couldn't find an accurate clip of The Undertaker for the rocket scientist, but I think he will appreciate this). Anyway, watch the video because it may be the best 20 minutes you spend in your internet life and we don't want to embarrass the Coach Don or someone like Chicken Bill when we roll into the game. It is not my fault that we're more popular than the yahoos that actually think they know what is in CU's best interest.

As for the actual football, yesterday was a joke. VPI sucks and we played down to their level. I never thought that I would be bent out of shape about this considering the CU point score and the margin of victory. We did not play well overall, but an ugly win is still better than a loss. The only thing that pisses me off is when I run into Clemson-fan and they shoot off as though we are the '85 Bears. Oh, then the same asshole doesn't know a single person on the offensive or defensive line. They talk about that "Nuke Ellington" character or I hear their informative info on "Jonathan Sensabaugh." Then tell me that CJ Spiller will get 1000 yards this year. Give me a fucking break. I talk shit about Cockfan but the absolute stupidity of people that say they are "Clemsonfan" is ridiculous. My only response is "Fuck You, you make real Clemson fans look like a bunch of jackasses." If you run into one of these assholes, be sure to tell him what a dipshit he is and to shut the mouth so the person doesn't make all the HAM Clemson football fans look like a bunch of fools. These assholes should be put in their place immediately. They are worse than arrogant Cockfan or Georgiafan simply because these morons make us look like jackass Cockfan or asshole Dawgfan.

Well, what do we think? It was the flattest performance of the year. We are lucky VPI sucks, else it could have been trouble. VPI moved the ball well and we are fortunate for the turnovers we got. I am sick of seeing the shitty tackling we see. In fact, I am sick of seeing our coaching staff not motivate linebacker talent. We have discussed how slow Shuey is and why he shouldn't play, but he has more heart and more desire to play than any other backer out there. I have said it before and I will say it again, if we had a team that wanted to win as bad as Shuey or Hump, we would never lose a game. Those guys go ass out every play and I wish to hell their teammates want it as bad as they do.

I really wish The Chad would just give the ball to Andre. Ellington is a beast and the best true back (this excludes Spiller) we've had here since Dr. B's favorite, Raymond Priester. My favorite back is Terrance Flagler, though Kenny Flowers was the speed man. Anyway, why Ellington doesn't get 25 carries a game is stupid. Fortunately, we are better than everyone we play until the last game of the year. Also, fortunately, I will probably spend my time after Clemson plays the Salem Deacons on Thursday talking nothing but Carolina. Me and Dr. B believe we understand your Gamecocks and we believe that they--if Coach Dabo will listen--are a team we can beat. Shut down Lattimore and make them throw the ball down the field. Done Son. We will give you the specifics over the next month. Just relax and if you sensed a aura in the air it is because The Wagon and Dr. B both were in South Carolina this weekend. I don't think that has happened in at least 8 years.

All this said, IF STS put on a tailgate, where should we have it and what should we do? Rodney and Coach Ford are the first invited. Hell, either of those guys are more than welcome to stay at my house for as long as they want (include Mike Eppley in that conversation as well). Or do you think we should just go play a couple holes and have a beer or so after the round? Be sure to tell Dr. B that HHH is more personable than Taker. (Don't worry, he uses all his cuss words in texts to me, particularly when I talk shit about Greg Maddux or the Undertaker). BTW, my favorite ATL Braves are (1) Dale Murphy (2) Tommy G. Tom Glavine is the best lefty in my lifetime, period.

So, I tried to stream the game on WCCP's website yesterday. Either I am a dumbass or the Clemson Flagship station doesn't carry football games? Probably for the best...I cannot understand Pat Sapp and Will Merritt just makes no sense. Give me Rodney on the sidelines and Mike Eppley in the press box. As it is today, Clemson Radio is unbearable. Hell, remove Will Merritt and put Todd Ellis in his place. Win/win...Clemson fans don't have to suffer through the stupidest shit they have ever heard and Todd doesn't have to deal with, well, the stupidest shit he has ever heard--this time out of Tom Suggs. For those of you without a sense of humor, you're correct, but Will Merritt has to go (Todd or no Todd).

That's all I have to say. I will only give you a warning, I have a lot of vacation time so you will get more (1) chat about heading down to New Orleans and pounding Hurricanes and Hand Granades (2) Lots more wrestling videos (3) more raw and "don't give a shit" FigureFour.

Long and short, if you need to go ahead and censor STS because we are about to go fucking balls out. I scream "Fuck Georgia" when I wake in the morning and pray to go HAM all day everyday. STS, work, friendly golf match...there are winners and there are losers. One of the guys I was playing golf with Friday told me I got a bad break (ball hit the cart path and went in the woods). I don't believe it was bad luck. Simply put, had I hit the ball where I was aiming there would be no "bad break off the path." There are no excuses in anything you do. If something good happens to you it is because you have done the work necessary to get to that point. If you fail, it is because you you have either (A) not prepared properly or (B) have not implemented your preparation. The next time you hit a good shot on the golf course and someone says it is luck, correct that person. By the same token, when your ball hits off a tree and goes deep in the woods and your playing partner says "Bad luck." Correct him. Assure that the ball wasn't asking for a bad shot when you took it out of the sleeve.

As soon as you understand that your successes are the fruits of your labor and failures are probably due to lack of preparation, you understand why we have this site. Apply this to your daily life and you will not only thank STS for entertainment and the good advice.

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