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Gamethread: Virginia Tech @ Clemson

I think Clemson wins this game if we don't beat ourselves. If we don't turn it over or make big special teams mistakes, which are more likely when facing VT, then we should win the game.

I do expect Tech to score plenty, because we're fielding the worst defense in Clemson history, and at times Logan Thomas may look like Tom Brady. Thankfully for us, their defense has not been playing to the VT standard either, and so this one may end up 48-45. However, at home, I expect our defense to get a few stops, especially against Mike O'Cain.

We'll be looking for some of our younger talent to get into meaningful game situations in this contest, especially if we get a lead. Guys like Tavaris Barnes or Travis Blanks should be playing quite a bit today, and we'll be looking for consistent, albeit slight, improvement in the front 7 at stopping the run.