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SBN Blogpoll ballot week 7

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Not much to change aside from the WV loss to Texas Tech and what happened to Texas.

Texas Tech demolished a good WV offense at home, and I put them over WV. I'm not buying stock in Tubby though. I don't think enough of their talent level or offensive output to put them any higher, but their defense has been surprising.

SC lost to a higher ranked LSU team on the road, and I won't drop them for that. 10th is about where they should be.

ND beat Stanford at home on a last second TD, but I believe ND is the better team and would've won the game by one more TD if its not raining all day.

Normally I would not kick a team like Texas out for losing to a higher ranked Oklahoma squad, but Jesus they looked terrible.

Oregon State thumped a pretty well coached BYU team, so I moved them higher. I'm not buying any Top 10 hype with the lack of skill talent I see there, but they are playing great and they move above Michigan and USC.

I think Ohio deserves to be in over Nebraska.