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AD Search: Clemson hiring from within?

Greenville News has interesting information about the search.

The support of coaches and their personal visits to President Barker’s office to back him has to be encouraging to Bill D’Andrea, who has been involved in practically every aspect of the Clemson athletic department during the last 25 years.
“He would be great,” football coach Dabo Swinney said Tuesday. “Everybody respects him. I have not talked to anyone (about the AD hire) since before the Auburn game, but I know they’ll make a great hire.
“All the coaches have offered support for Billy D if they hire from within,” Swinney said. “The committee met with all the head coaches for input and feedback.”
“He’s a good man. We all support Billy D,” said men’s basketball coach Brad Brownell. “I’m certainly supportive because Bill was involved in my search (when Brownell was hired). I really respected the way he conducted himself and he’s been supportive of me ever since I got here.
“Dabo and I went to President Barker to let him know we support Billy D,” Brownell said, “but at the end of the day, they’ll know who they want and they’ll hire accordingly.”
The problem with Billy D being hired is that Billy D is basically our AD right now. He's doing all the day-to-day stuff that Phillips should be doing. He's the one going out to fundraise instead of TDP. I've never heard about a bad word about Billy, but he's not the man for this job, in no shape, form, or fashion. The most "Clemson" thing to do here is to hire from within, and so its the last thing we need to allow. This good ol boy network running through our Athletic Department has to go.