Clemson Athletic Director, Dr. Terry Don Phillips, has announced the formation of an Athletic...


Clemson Athletic Director, Dr. Terry Don Phillips, has announced the formation of an Athletic Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of 10 successful business leaders with strong ties to Clemson who will provide advice to the department from a strategic planning standpoint. The committee had a two-day meeting earlier this week. "The nature of college athletics is changing in every area," said Phillips who has been Clemson's Athletic Director for nearly 10 years. "These changes are effecting how Clemson Athletics does business. It is a blessing to have access to successful business leaders who have and are facing similar issues in their industries. The Athletic Advisory Committee is composed of discussion leader Harry Frampton, Vail, Colorado; Steve Bond, Georgetown; Jim Bostic, Atlanta; Jim Brown, Florence; Ray Cash, Seneca; Tom Chapman, Atlanta; Charles Dalton, Pickens; Rich Davies, Charlotte; Helen Hill, Charleston; Rodney Williams, Greenville. "Clemson is one of the top athletic programs in the nation," said Frampton. "We have only one agenda - how to help Clemson Athletics go to the next level. "Every area of major college sports is being challenged - competition, academic success, student/athlete welfare, compliance, finances, brand marketing and conference structure. Clemson needs to lead change, not react to it. "This Athletic Advisory Committee is not a decision making body, we are advisory. Clemson has very capable administrators and Boards to make decisions. We commend Terry Don and his staff for involving motivated business leaders in their strategic planning." The next meeting of the Athletic Advisory Committee is scheduled for June 18 and 19.

My initial thoughts of this are that it can only be a good thing.