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SBNation BlogPoll Week 2 Ballot

LSU goes to the top because they played somebody and spanked them. The rest of our thoughts are inside.

I didnt want to really punish Oregon because they did play LSU to start the season, but the teams below them that I felt would be able to dominate them physically up front like LSU did got bumped ahead. Particularly Wisconsin. Everything else at the top is a consequence of those moves. Generally I'm hard on teams that lose to teams below them, and very generous to teams that beat ones above them, like TCU and Baylor. If you lose to someone ranked higher, then the ranking was accurate and you shouldnt be penalized (unless you look like garbage, like UGA did). Otherwise I only push other teams ahead when I feel like they look better. Thats why Florida jumps in, and South Florida gets in. Auburn drops out...cuz damn that was an awful performance. Iowa and Navy come out just because others went in.