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The layman's guide to kickin' it at VPI

As our Clemson Tigers prepare for a trip to Blacksburg this weekend, we’ll prepare you for the ambiance that is Virginia Tech. We’ll begin our musically oriented tour with a trip to the bookstore, then go to class with the Hokies, then feel the fire that is the VPI spirit, then finally go to the stadium and see how the locals entertain themselves. Enjoy and be sure to take it all in to assure there are no surprises come Saturday night. 

Tech Bookstore Rap

Apparently, there is a professor at VPI who is more popular than Eddie Smith at Clemson (that means dude is a campus rock star).  His name is John Boyer and, from the little research I've done here (i.e., video jumping through the YouTube and such), this cat lectures a very interesting and entertaining class, though I really don't know what he teaches based on the videos.  Regardless, the few clips I saw made his lecture look like a cross between the Jerry Springer show and Let's Make a Deal with a hint of one of those '70's variety shows mixed in.

Continuing with the academia, this VPI Professor Drops Some Sick English in Class:

I’m a Hokie

When they get bored in Lane Stadium, the fans resort to bleacher gymnastics: