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SBN BlogPoll Ballot Week 5

LSU has the best resume of any team at the top, so theres no argument in my mind that they are #1. That defense is made up of at least 5 guys who could end up starting in the NFL. Alabama has looked awesome on defense too, but I'm a little worried still about the offense. OU struggled for most of the game at Mizzou, but turned it on late to romp.

OK State was down 20-3 at A&M and came back to win the game, but they should've if the ranking last week was correct. A&M lost to a team I had above them, so I didnt penalize them, plus I don't know how many teams below could beat them, theyre still playing good football. Same thing for Arkansas, who just isnt on the level of Alabama, Same goes for WVU, who might be the class of the Big East but does not have the talent of LSU. I got to watch parts of a couple Florida games, and they've been impressive. USF looked good too.

GT I've watched twice, and their D is pitiful again but that offense is clicking. They beat on UNC's talented front pretty bad. Miss. State will get back in, but they should not have struggled at all this weekend, and Ariz State looked good last night.

Sakerlina's resume isn't as strong as Clemson's.  We beat 2 ranked teams, and we both hate the triple option, but Garcia is a disaster waiting to happen and they don't move the ball in the air.

Clemson's ranking deserves to be somewhere in the 13-18 range, so I struggled with where to put us. Our defense is not good enough to put us too high. Let me know where you think Clemson should end up.

I have seen many (not all, some have brains) Seminole/Coot fans bitching to me via twitter or message boards about how we beat half a team and that we're not that good. My answer to you is deal with it. There are always extenuating circumstances in football games. We defeated the defending champs, and then the defending Atlantic champs whose fans thought their defense would stifle Clemson. They didn't. We carved them up like a turkey and put enough pressure on the coverage that some guys were forced to commit PI or get beat for a TD. You had a chance to stop those TDs after the penalties and didn't do it. We'd have won last year if our offensive staff hadn't stepped on their own dick because The Skirt straight-up PUNKED the FSU defense up and down the field. Many Nole fans thought it would be the closest game we ever played again, wrong. If your team was as good as you thought, they'd have beaten Clemson this year, plain and simple. That works for anyone and these things go both ways. Don't bitch about having to play Oklahoma to me, our schedule is tougher than yours, and if we don't get it done then you'll get the division. So shut up about it.