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1981 Danny Ford
1981 Danny Ford

Last year in Tallahassee, E.J. Manuel could only get yards on us with 2 long bombs, the QB Counter/Trap, and Speed Option. The only consistent yardage was via the speed options. We would've won if not for idiots calling the plays in the red zone. This year FSU is missing their best WRs, and the one that will play is also banged up. Manuel probably won't play, and even when he does, Fisher would be stupid to risk further injury to the AC joint by letting him run the ball....and he's the leading rusher. Because of these factors, we are not scared of Clint Trickett.

The OL is well-coached but has been worse even than our own at moving the ball between the tackles. FSU will have to do the same things you've seen from us in the run game: sweeps and options, but without their best running QB. Their RBs are young and have struggled in pass pro. If Clemson sets the edge better, we'll be fine on defense. Watch for a multitude of blitzes.

Even though FSU has executed well on defense, I do not think Clemson loses this game unless Tajh Boyd has a horrible day and we turn the ball over. Whether we win primarily depends on him.