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If you're gonna be the champ, you'd better interview like the champ

It is an unwritten rule: When you win a World Championship you have to leave an impression with your follow up interview then style and profile in front of the cameras henceforth. Coach Swinney was forceful in the delivery Saturday, setting up what should be a series of interviews for the ages. When you earn the 10 lbs of gold, it is simply your duty to make it happen.

After the Auburn post-game interview, I fully expect Dabo to conduct a presser at some point this week that goes something like this:

I am left to wonder how Dabo stacks up against some of the best World Champions ever to get in front of a microphone, which is where this post comes into play. Let us know…the only disappointing item in this post is that I cannot figure out how to put multiple polls up, so you’ll need to be creative when assessing Coach Swinney’s showmanship and mic presence compared to the best.

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If none of these champions tickles your fancy, we’ll accept write in votes as well