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GAME THREAD: Wofford at Clemson


Clemson should have little trouble against the WingBone offense if we follow assignment football. We've been critical of Steele's scheme against the option only once, and we hope not to see that scheme ever again. Wofford's is a unique system that is not quite like GT in that it does use more shotgun and power runs that they don't specialize in. However, the Veer (inside and outside) is in the package, with the same amount of misdirection with the Wingback that Tech or Auburn use.

Additionally, we've seen a ton of chatter on the boards about Robert Smith getting a start here and wanted to comment on the stupidity of those fans. When you play a team that primarily runs the ball, you bring the coverage up. In the past, Steele has shown a Cover 4 look more when we play those teams that occasionally rolls into C2. It makes you vulnerable to a really big play, but with Wofford's athleticism vs ours, that worry is pretty small. In C4 in such a situation, the FS and SS are doing the same thing, and both are needed in run support more than usual. If you had a better tackler as your backup SS than as backup FS, you'd put the backup SS in at FS. If he botches a big tackle, or they throw the ball much more than we expect, he'll come out for Lewis.

So stop losing your damn minds about it.