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Depth Chart Released for Troy Game

First, the Depth Chart that is causing Tardnetters to go bananas. The minor surprises are:

Dalton Freeman listed as a co-starter with Mason Cloy.

Gifford Timothy as the #2 RT.

Martavis Bryant as the #3 outside WR.

Hot Rod at #2 RB, Howard #3, and Bellamy #4.

Darrell Smith at #2 FB.

Adam Humphries at #2 WR on the inside.

DeShawn Williams at 2nd string 3-technique.

Spencer Shuey at #2 MLB, Anthony 3rd.

Know what it means? Nothing. I don't pay this any more attention than I do any other depth chart for the rest of the year. I dont know why anyone ever cares about the damn depth chart. All I look at them for is the opposing weights because theyre just practice units (Tim Bourret never updates our true weights in-season). Cloy is the swing guy inside, he's going to play regardless. If Walker gets hurt, Thomas goes in at RT, not Timothy. Bellamy is going to be all over, but I guarantee you his blocking is not yet up to snuff for a system that uses the back in protection all the time. Its not because he isnt better than the other two as a RB. We don't even use the FB in this system the same way, so I'd ignore that totally. Spencery Shuey won't be getting snaps over Stephone Anthony either.

So ignore it, that or stop freaking out about it. Everybody is going to play in these first two games, and the way we use WRs in this system means no depth chart is that meaningful. By Auburn you'll see who will get the majority of the snaps going forward this season.