Potential Conference Shake-Up

I have to admit that I got pretty wrapped up in the conference jumping this past weekend.  I kept hanging on every word like a little school girl; however, I do think (and this weekend just shows us) that college football will be different in a couple of years.  Clemson isn't an Iowa State or Kansas State so they don't have to be worried about getting left out of a super conference.  However, I have a couple of thoughts and just had to air them to a serious audience.  The other boards are just crazy with all of their speculation.  Please keep in mind these are just thoughts...

1) I feel if we get invited to the SEC how the ACC is currently comprised, we have to go.  You don't get an opportunity like that every day and I just feel it would be too much to pass up.  Geographically the conference would still make sense and you would be competing in the best football conference there is.  Some others are saying that Clemson has an easier road to the National Championship in the ACC which I am not going to argue; but players will consistently go to the best conference and I feel that in the long run our recruiting would suffer...especially if other ACC schools leave for the SEC.

2) I feel the ACC could do a world of difference and actively align for new members when their current contracts run out.  A mega conference with the addition of UCONN, Louisville, Syracuse, and WVA would actually make a little sense.  You could have two divisions with a North and South and actually have some geographic rationalizing and lower conference expenses while still getting new markets and a couple of good academic institutions.  Something that the existing ACC Presidents would like. 

3)  Finally, I am worried that Barker would tell the SEC no, even before a mega-ACC expansion.  He won't do that right.  Please tell me I'm crazy.  He is letting TDP work this right and is letting him call Slive that Clemson would love to be considered for an SEC expansion.  He won't let the SEC take FSU and potentially another school from the ACC and say we are committed to being good in athletics and academics right?  He won't say that Clemson turned down SEC overtures because we are committed to this crap conference, and our academic reputation is still intact.  He won't be that crazy...right?

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