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SBN Conference "Re-Draft" Project--Clemson Selected in Seventh Round by Conference "12 Pack"

Over the past month or so, SB Nation's Oklahoma State site came up with a "What-if" scenario, wondering how conferences would shape up if all current conferences were disbanded and new conferences were developed by "drafting" teams.  Pretty much a fantasy football draft for college teams.  Here are the basic rules.  Even more info is here.

I haven't really been keeping up with this thing and still have some questions about where this will go after the draft is complete or how one will determine who is the "best" after the re-draft.  In case you are wondering, Clemson was chosen in the seventh round of this draft by the "Twelve Pack" conference.  The guys over at BC Interruption are the conference commissioners and will, no doubt, do a much better job leading this group than Swoffy does with the ACC.

Outside of those items, I would be thrilled to ditch the ACC and move forward with the 12 Pack conference in real life.  First, we are no longer beholden to the "Tobacco Road Mafia."  Second, and most importantly, we would get to play Georgia every year.  I think I would be for Clemson joining the Southern Conference if it meant we would play UGa every year, but that is another story for another day. 

I highly encourage you to check out T-Kyle's take on this thing over at Dawg Sports.  Kyle is extremely knowledgeable about CU and the Clem/Georgia rivalry.  He has also been following this project much more closely than us, so click on over there to find answers to questions you may have.