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OT Oliver Jones commits to Clemson

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Oliver Jones (6'7 285) from Ninety-Six finally finished up his recruitment with a public commitment to Clemson tonight. He made it to recruiter Jeff Scott Friday night and went public today. Jones has been a longtime Clemson lean and we expected this to come a couple months ago. Jones turned down offers from SC, NC, NC State and had interest from UGA. Had he not suffered the ACL injury that cost him his Jr season, there likely would be far more offers on his plate, and a higher rating.

Jones is commonly compared to Leamon, and I preferred Leamon because of his aggressiveness. Both are the top tackles in the state this cycle. Jones doesn't have extra weight that he needs to get rid of but needs to work on his footwork to keep up with faster linemen. He has to be able to move those feet laterally better or they'll just speed rush right around him. He's more of a pass blocker than rush, and thats because of that lack of aggressiveness. He just isn't a mean player yet. That is why I feel the 3-star rating is correct. Athletically he's got it, however.

Clemson looks to now be done at Tackle, unless theres an oversign that we get in with, but I'm not optimistic about D.J. Humphries (SEC lean) or Davidson committing.  We'll have Battle, Jones, and Leamon at Tackle in this class. I wanted one more (Guillermo and Destefano are Guard-types) in the class than that. Jones is commit #14, with Dodd and Battle to make #16. Clemson has 16 slots to give, but I still expect 18-20 signees in February.

We're now pretty much into oversign mode. Only the top players we're after are those we'd take, and the staff will likely work full bore on a few of them and the current Juniors for 2013 cycle.