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Downtime at STS

We are getting restless around here, waiting for some football.  However there is another month to fill before that will happen.


(Thanks to box125 and GIFSOUP for making the item above happen.  You will see that bad boy a couple more times, I guarantee.  Coleman is the man.)

We are in the dreaded downtime and vacation period of the calendar.  Your favorite STS contributors will be relaxing over the summer but we still want to know what's on your mind and what you would like to see out of your site.  We plan to continue looking into the Chad Morris offense, begin to preview the 2011 football season, take a look at ACC/SEC attendance figures, and probably a few Nancy posts about the uniforms.  There will be the standard recruiting updates as well as comparisons to other teams around the Southeast.

We still want to hear from you.  Are there any questions or issues we can tackle for you over the month of July?  Is there a special play or a technique you want more info on?  If so, now is the time.  Come August, we get into camp then our weekly season routine so this is probably it until December.