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Clemson Takes Commitment from Punter Bradley Pinion

I'm sure folks are wondering what we think about this one, but I don't have any problem with taking a kicker if he's really good, just don't keep him on scholarship 4 years if he isn't (a la Richard Jackson). With Zimmerman leaving we are opening up a scholarship for Pinion next year, assuming it doesnt go to Greg Colquitt. If it does, we'd have 2 punters on scholarship and with Spencer Benton and Lakip to make 4 dedicated ST players on at once, and possibly a 5th in Catman. Five on scholarship would trigger a rage attack.

Rivals ranks Pinion as the #3 Kicker nationally and he really impressed Dabo this past week, enough to get an offer on the spot. After that, I'm sure Dabo screamed "ALL IN" then ran up and chest bumped him with high-5s all around.

Pinion picked us over UNC, ECU, Rutgers, and TCU. He averaged 68 yards per kickoff and 38 yards per punt with 7/12 FG and 25/26 XPs last year.