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Linebacker Play Series

To wrap up the series on LB Fundamentals and LB play, here are the articles we finished. Feel free to ask questions about any here. They are meant to be read in roughly this order so that we can build on one after another.

LB Fundamentals: Hit & Shed, and forming the Base to take on blockers

LB Fundamentals: Pursuit

LB Fundamentals: Tackling

LB Fundamentals: Man/Man Coverage

LB Fundamentals: Zone Coverage but you should also read the articles on Pattern Reading: Cover 2 and Cover 3 so it'll all make sense.

LB Play: What is a "key" and what are they watching pre-snap?

LB Play: Alignment and Gap Assignments

LB Play: Reading OLine blockers

LB Play: Reading the RB Key

Playing MLB in the Over or Even fronts

Playing SAM Linebacker in Clemson's Under front defensive style