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TDP awakes from nap, grants Brad Brownell new contract

Finally TDP got out of the bed and granted Brownell a new 1-yr contract extension through 2016-17 season, paying him roughly $1.2 M per year, a raise from 900K per season. It is less than the $2 million Sleepy was offering Rick Stansbury and less than the 1.3 M that OP was being paid (OP took DePaul for 2.0-2.2). The salary is roughly the median level for the ACC.

I said before that 1.2-1.4M would be my offering range until recruiting results pay off, and this fits in there. Now I want to see Rick Ray, Earl Grant, and Mike Winiecki get raises. Ray deserves over 200K.

"We could not be more pleased with what Coach Brownell and his staff accomplished in his first year, He did a great job assembling a tremendous staff. I have worked with a national championship program at Arkansas and a Final Four program at Oklahoma State, and I believe this staff is as good as I have been around. I was impressed with Brad in every phase of the program this year." TDP