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Bowers falls out of 1st Round of NFL Draft

I don't know who had this one pegged, but it wasn't us. Apparently the microfracture rumors and the bone-on-bone rumors do have some truth to them. Da'Quan Bowers could've signed a 80 million dollar deal as the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft, which he was rumored to be when he declared, and will likely end up with a 5-7 million dollar deal as an early 2nd rounder.

What I don't get is how Quinn, who didn't play and had a brain tumor, got picked in the middle of the round. Quinn is good, and got my vote for ACC Def POY 2 years ago, but I don't see how you take a guy who feasted on the weaker teams and didn't even play last year. Bowers put up half his numbers on one bad knee. Also, Adrian Clayborn is a phenom of a run-defender, but had a poorer season this year and was out-of-shape in my eyes, yet got picked in the 1st round.

Two weeks ago, his agent Joe Flanagan sent out an email saying that there were no indications that his client would need another surgery (some analysts had suggested he could require a microfracture surgery, which would sideline him for a year) and that all 32 NFL teams had examined his client twice during the draft process.

McShay (roll eyes) says he's among the Top 5 available with DE Brooks Reed, TE Kyle Rudolph, CB Aaron Williams, and RB Ryan Williams. Mel Kiper still believes he should be off the board, as does Gruden.

Bit of a head scratcher, so theres something we don't know. Did another local doctor FUBAR a surgery on a Clemson player?