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2011 NFL Draft: Where will DaQuan Bowers go?

Bowers fall from a potential #1 overall pick to the bottom of the 1st round has been well documented, with the last reports saying that multiple teams cannot find a doctor that will clear him physically because of a potential "bone-on-bone" condition. There is speculation that even Tampa Bay won't take him because of it.

I don't know where he will go, but if his motor continues to run like it did this season, I wouldn't hesitate to take him....definitely over Cam Newton at #1.

The last I checked, either Jarvis Jenkins or Marcus Gilchrist will be the next to come off the board, probably in Round 3. Marcus would be a good pick for whomever takes him simply because of his versatility.

DMac didn't have quite the season we hoped for, and his struggles in man/man coverage (in part due to his speed) are probably holding him back, but a hitter like him would not be a bad pick. Strong Safeties do rarely go too high - FSs and CBs are more prized in the NFL.

We'll use this as our open thread for the Draft, so feel free to leave your thoughts on where guys go over the weekend.


Jarvis Jenkins - 2nd round to the Washington Redskins - 41st pick

Marcus Gilchrist - 2nd round to the San Diego Chargers - 50th pick

Da'Quan Bowers - 2nd round to the Tampa Bay Bucs - 51st pick

Chris Hairston - 4th round to the Buffalo Bills - 122nd pick

Jamie Harper - 4th round to the Tennessee Titans - 130th pick

Byron Maxwell - 6th round to the Seattle Seahawks - 173rd pick