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What do you want to see?

As you all can tell, theres not alot going on with Clemson right now. Baseball doesn't get everyone's juices flowing like the other major sports and with so few on TV we don't get to watch them play too much. With dead time looming just around the corner, we should have some time this summer to address different things. We would like to brainstorm some ideas to keep discussion going during the cold darkness of the offseason when we don't have jack to talk about.

A series on linebacker play and responsibilities is underway already, and we plan to look more at the Morris/Malzahn passing game and a little of Tulsa last season afterwards. How much we do in part depends on how my views and comments we get on articles. We realize that some don't lend themselves to much interaction. Our goal is to keep this place as a more civilized discussion board, but we do welcome fanposts of your own to generate some conversations. They can be about anything. As for our topics this summer, do you want more technical information on college football offenses?  Would you like for us to dig deeper into the Clemson finances?  Are recruiting trends your main concern? What about basketball X's and O's articles? Game reviews of seasons long past? We want to know what information would be useful and look into these items before crunch time ramps up in August.