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BC Heads to Littlejohn to Take on the Tigers

When: Tonight @ 9PM

Where: Littlejohn Coliseum


Another big game for Clemson tonight.  BC is 15-8 overall and tied with us at 5-4 in conference play. 

BC has four guys that average in double figures, led by G Reggie Jackson (17.6 PPG) and F Joe Trapani (14.6 PPG).  These are the two guys that make BC's offense go.  Jackson is a smooth guard that uses hesitation dribbles to lull the defense to sleep and then uses his explosive athleticism to blow by.  He is really flourishing this year in Coach Donahue's offense after being held back the past 2 years by Skinner's offense.  He is shooting 49.5% from the field and 42.5% from behind the arc.   Joe Trapani is a match up nightmare.  He is 6'8 with deep range (35.6% from 3) and good ball handling skills.  I suspect that Devin Booker will get the initial matchup against Trapani.  How well Booker is able to move his feet and stay in front of Trapani will be critical to Clemson's success.  Corey Raji and Biko Paris are very nice complimentary players to have in the rotation. 

As a team, BC shoots a lot of 3's, and they shoot it very well from there.  They average 23.5 attempts per game while shooting nearly 39% as a team.  BC lacks a low post scoring threat, so Clemson's defenders should be able to crowd BC's shooters without any worry of what is going on down low.  We cannot afford to leave guys wide open like we did against UVA in the opening minutes.  BC will knock down open shots just the same as UVA did.

BC is, however, a very poor defensive team.  Jerai Grant and Devin Booker should be able to find opportunities to score inside, as BC lacks the length and athleticism down low to alter their shots.  Trapani and Jackson actually lead the team in blocked shots with 18 and 15, respectively.  Starting center Josh Southern averages 0.8 blocks per 40 minutes.  That is a ridiculously low number for a starting center.

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