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A Win is a Win

At this point, we'll take a road win any way we can get it, no matter how ugly.  And it was ugly.  

Once again we fell behind big early.  Usually that is a recipe for disaster, especially on the road.  But this team showed heart by fighting back.  We locked down defensively, turning an early 12 point deficit into an 8 point halftime lead.  This despite turning the ball over like crazy and attempting 9 less shots from the field than GT as a result.  Clemson never trailed in the second half, keeping GT at an arms length throughout.  Clutch free throw shooting helped ice the game.  

I'll start with the good numbers.  Clemson shot 57% from the field, including 7-14 from behind the arc.  We also knocked down 8 out of our last 9 foul shots and finished the game at 73%.  Jerai Grant was a perfect 8-8 from the line, and finished the game with 20 points and 7 boards.  One could say that we forced 18 turnovers, but a lot of that falls on GT as well.  As far as numbers go, that's pretty much it for the good stuff.

Now for the ugly.

We turned the ball over on 31% of our possessions.  

20 turnovers in a 64 possession game is simply way too many.  We were giving away opportunities for points on every 3rd possession.  But that wasn't the only issue.

GT got offensive rebounds on 33% of their misses.  The offensive rebounds combined with the turnovers allowed GT to attempt 14 more field goals than us.  In a 64 possession game, that is HUGE.  Luckily we had a great shooting game to overcome that margin.

All that being said, we were able to get the UVA heartbreaker out of our system and pickup a huge win.  At 5-4 in ACC play, we now sit in a logjam in 4th place in the conference with four other teams.  It's a great position to be in with BC and UNC coming to town.  These two games are going to be crucial to getting separation from the pack.  Littlejohn Coliseum should be rocking.