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Clemson's 2011 Football Schedule Released

Released by our favorite Commish today since the ACC always likes to take their sweet time and find a way to skullfuck everyone by waiting months after other conferences to release the schedule:

2011 Schedule
Date Opponent
Sept 3 Troy
Sept 10                 Wofford
Sept 17 Auburn
Sept 24 FSU
Oct 1 @ Virginia Tech
Oct 8 Boston College
Oct 15 @ Maryland
Oct 22 UNC
Oct 29 @ Georgia Tech
Nov 5 BYE
Nov 12 Wake Forest
Nov 19 @ NC State
Nov 26 @ SC

For the last few years we've done an early projection on how we expect Clemson to finish based on the new schedule, but this year we aren't going to do it.

The reason why is obvious: the Head Cheerleader managed to take a team with plenty of talent and run it into the ground last year. We have no confidence in his leadership of the team to say that we'll win one game or another. Even Troy or Wofford can sneak up on us. He has made hires I approve of and wanted, and recruited his ass off, but until we see results we aren't going to have confidence in his leadership.....and he doesn't think we should focus on results in 2011. Great.

Just to comment lightly on the schedule, I think that like last year we'll know how good we are in the first week of October. I'm not going to cry about it being too hard or too soft like some others have, because you still have to play the same teams, but playing those 3 in a row will be a real bitch.

According to our poll, 41% of you believe he has to win the Atlantic Division to get your support beyond 2011. Another 16% think he has to win the ACC outright. Do you think he will with this schedule?