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Same Old Story as UNC Takes Over Late

You can't win games if you can't score in the paint.  John Henson doesn't allow Clemson to score in the paint.  He completely took Booker and Grant out of the game, holding those two to a grand total of 2 points.  When those two guys were actually on the court it was like we were playing shorthanded.  They didn't want the ball and they just occupied space on the court.  Grant must have nightmares about Henson.  Henson simply dares Grant to try to score on him, and the 3 times that Grant tried his shots were sent back in the other direction.

Without an inside scoring presence our offensive strategy was limited to heisting shots from behind the arc.  Before making our last three 3's in garbage time, we were 6-26 from downtown.  Hmmm.  Unable to score in the paint + unable to shoot from downtown = Big Fat L.

It would've been really nice to finally pick up a signature win.  But you guys watched the game.  We didn't deserve to win that game.  We played extremely sloppy, turning the ball over far too often, again.  When we weren't turning it over we were building a house out of bricks.  This offense is lost without a scoring option down low because we don't have enough good shooters to compensate.

The one positive to take away from this game is the defensive effort.  Our defense is the only thing that keeps us in games, as our offense consistently goes long stretches without being able to put the ball in the hoop.  Credit the players for staying scrappy and keeping their heads in the game defensively even when they can't hit the broad side of a barn on the offensive side of the ball.   

I'll have more for you tomorrow, handicapping our remaining games and our chances for a NCAA tournament berth.