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The Chad Signs for $1.3 Million

Chad beer
Chad beer

Terms got out today of the Chads new contract: 1.3M per year for 6 years with a big buyout clause. It has several performance incentives like his last deal. It was 450K for 4. His new deal is currently longer than Swinney's, but you can expect that to change.

While I don't know what the buyout is, I would imagine it drops a good bit after 2013, which I think sets up to be a year that we could possibly push for something bigger than the ACC Championship, given the experience we'll have gained for the freshmen....assuming we bring in some damn OLmen and a new S&C coach.

Once Gus Malzahn takes a head job at Kansas, which I imagine will be this week or next, Chad would become the highest paid assistant in America. Dabo will also get an increase to the median of ACC coaches per his current deal, which I think pushes into the 2.2M range. Clemson's total staff salary in 2009 was 2.7M, and in '12 will be 5.7M.

Don't be surprised if your ticket prices go up again either.